PQM produces High Purity Laboratory Reagents and Raw Materials that meet the highest quality standards.

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An absolute commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is behind every product elaborated by Fermont.


It was in the thirties of the 20th century when Engineer Federico Ferrara undertook the challenge of opening the doors of Productos Quimicos Monterrey , in order to satisfy the imminent need that laboratories of the time had to supply themselves with high-purity acids reliably and safely. There were many challenges that would have to be overcome, but in the end, it managed to provide the analytical community in the region, in a convenient and reliable way, with the products that previously had to be brought by rail from afar with great risks and delays.


Years passed and in 1967 PQM opened its plant to manufacture Inorganic Salts, and later its plant to manufacture high purity Solvents. With a complete offer, the focus shifted to the successful creation of a chain of distributors that covered the entire national territory. Next step, in the seventies, PQM began its export adventure serving various clients in the markets of North and South America.


In 1999 PQM achieved its ISO-9001 certification, thereby becoming a national pioneer in the industry, and at the same time placed itself on equal footing with the world's leading analytical companies.


To stay at the forefront, in 2013 PQM completely renews its quality control laboratory with the highest technology, and in 2014, it undertakes a new challenge by building the first facilities that meet the most rigorous operating standards, in order to manufacture products under the Good Manufacturing Practices, an essential step to supply the pharmaceutical industry.



More than 80 years of experience support the optimal quality of our laboratory reagents.

We have acids, salts. solvents, reference standards, pH buffer solutions and volumetric solutions in various qualities to meet the needs of the most demanding analytical techniques. We abide by international quality standards and are ISO 9001: 2015 certified to support your confidence in our reagents.

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At PQM we specialize in manufacturing high-purity chemicals (acids, salts, solvents, and solutions), and we have the experience and flexibility to adapt to the quality needs of your processes.

More than 30 years of experience exporting our products to the most demanding markets and industries guarantee our capacity.


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